Rev. John Zingaro served as a pastor for 22 year as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  He was a 1993 graduate of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and a 1976 graduate from Point Park University (with a degree in Journalism & Communications).

Originally from Ellwood City, PA, John served pastorates in Wisconsin, New Jersey and Illinois.  John passed away in July, 2016. As such, his writings will remain here, but his blog will no longer be updated.

John has written six books (available on Amazon.com):

Harry Potter Sermons, which he wrote to counter the fundamentalist criticism of the Harry Potter stories

Thielemann, the preacher’s preacher, a biography of the late Rev. Dr. Bruce W. Thielemann

Spellman, one man’s influence, a biography about the legendary high school baseball coach in Ellwood City, PA–Bill Spellman.

Who Are the Faithful?  The struggle for truth against fundamentalism, an account of the 2005 federal court case in which intelligent design was judged to be simply another type of creationism which cannot be taught in public schools because of religious bias

Susan Nelson, the life and influence of a feminist theologian, a biography of the late Rev. Dr. Susan L. Nelson, professor of theology at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary for 24 years.
(Note:  This book is not available on Amazon.com, but by contacting John directly.)

The Progressive Pulpit, a collection of his sermons, university lectures and blogs.


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