“Why can’t a Muslim be President?”

A Dutch film-maker who made a movie critical of the treatment of women in Islam was murdered on an Amsterdam street by a Muslim immigrant eleven years ago.  Since then, other outrages against free speech have been committed by Muslims against whites and against fellow Muslims in Europe.

During this time, British Prime Minister Tony Blair remarked that immigrants who do not want to accept the Western values of freedom should not move to the United Kingdom.

If THESE are the type of Muslims that Dr. Ben Carson is talking about when he says a Muslim should not become President, I think we are all agreed.  I’d no more want that type of Muslim in government than I’d want a KKK member who is that type of Christian.

But simply to make the umbrella statement — a Muslim should not become President — is getting awfully ugly.  It just shows that stardom in one field (like neurosurgery) does not translate into brilliance in another field (like politics).  Carson is either playing to the bigoted, or himself warped in his thinking.

It’s 2015, for heaven’s sake!  How could ANYBODY make such a blanket statement about ANY group of people?

At this rate, should any of these Republican front-runners become the nominee, it’s going to be an easy win for the Democrats.


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