“Getting TRUMP-ed”

I had never heard Donald Trump speak.  I saw his stern face on commercials for The Apprentice.  But I had never seen the program, nor had I ever heard him speak on any news interviews.  Now I’m hearing him a LOT, and thinking about why he’s doing so well in this presidential race.

First of all, he is the WORST speaker I have ever heard who is operating at such a high level of national interest.  Dick Cheney’s monotone droning would be comparable in breaking all the rules of public speaking.

Trump has no discipline in his message.  He’s all over the map.  He gets off-topic.

What would a Trump Inaugural Address sound like?

We’re going to make America great again!  Starting today!  I started today by eating breakfast.
I eat a good, hearty breakfast.  People ask me, “Why do you eat a good, hearty breakfast?”  I  tell them, “I need strength to fight Congress — and Fox News.”  But we’re going to make America great again!

Actually, the rambling, egocentric style of speaking — breaking all of the rules — IS part of his attraction.  He doesn’t sound like anybody else.  It sets him off as “not a politician.”  People are eating it up.

But above all — what sets Trump apart from everybody else is:  the wild inaccuracies of his remarks.  He doesn’t hire a speech-writer; and he definitely doesn’t hire a fact-checker!

He compares everything — domestic affairs like immigration to international affairs like the Iran nuclear negotiation — as if it’s simply just he himself with all of his millions of dollars behind him, slaying another real-estate challenge.

The Iran deal involved half a dozen countries — competitors as well as allies — as well as an Iranian government which has swallowed its pride in order to negotiate with the USA.  The post-agreement chants of “Death to America” are by the religious overlords, who need to keep their souls pure, not sullying their lips by talking to Americans or befouling their hands by shaking on a deal.  The chants mean nothing.  They are for local consumption.  American politicians who claim otherwise are merely showing how little they understand of a complex situation, main among them being Trump, who blasts the deal as total giveaway.

His further recklessness is evident in his solution to illegal immigration:  deport 11 million now residing here, and build a Great Wall of America on the border.  This combination of Gestapo and Ming Dynasty is sheer genius — not for getting anything done but for inflaming the disenchanted.

All the worse, his personal attacks — our leaders are “dumb” — Hillary Clinton’s staff includes a Muslim woman whose husband is a “perv” — Jeb Bush is as lethargic as a sloth — appeal to the ugliest element of our electorate:  self-centered, divisive, hateful.

The interesting thing is, if Donald Trump were an ex-Governor or a Senator saying these things, he would get no more attention than ex-Governor Rick Perry or Senator Rand Paul.  There is one — and only one — reason why Trump is getting so much attention.  He’s rich!

Americans have a fascination with the rich — as though being rich means you can play a trump card any time you want.

It’s comparable to the American fascination with royalty.  I think we pay more attention to the Queen and her offspring than the British themselves do!  The British know how things get done — and it’s not by way of the royals.

Americans, however, maintain the fascination.  We fought two wars against the British crown to free ourselves from monarchy, and today we’re more enamored of monarchy than ever!

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is drawing crowds comparable to the Trump campaign.  He is building a grass-roots movement.   His followers are educated — they are compassionate — they are inclusive rather than divisive.  The Senator’s speeches nail down the basic problems of unfairness in our economy and in our elections.  He knows he has energized millions who want America to live up to its ideals.  Bernie keeps saying, “This election isn’t about ME.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting to hear Trump say THAT!


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