“The lion-killing dentist must be boycotted!”

I have a suggestion for dealing with the dentist from Bloomington, MN who mercilessly and illegally murdered and then beheaded and skinned an aging lion at a national park in Zimbabwe who was wearing a collar (indicating the lion was frequently in contact with park rangers) and who was a favorite among tourists.

In the 2nd Century B.C.E., the Roman statesman Cato the Elder believed that the city of Carthage (lying across the Mediterranean Sea from Rome) was a threat to the republic’s ability to trade and expand.  Cato was so determined to make his point that every time he made a speech in the Roman Senate — no matter the topic — he always ended by saying, “And Carthage must be destroyed.”

That leads to my proposal.  Every person who posts anything on Facebook — about any topic — may pursue justice by adding these words:

“And the lion-killing dentist in Bloomington must be boycotted.”



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