“How could Rick Perry call it ‘an accident’?”

I’m certain that of all the people who were shocked that former Texas Governor Rick Perry called the massacre in Charleston “an accident,” THE most surprised was — Rick Perry himself.

He meant to say not ACCIDENT — but INCIDENT.

The Governor likewise surprised himself during the last presidential campaign when — during a primary debate — he said he would eliminate three departments — Education, Commerce…and then suddenly went blank.  He couldn’t name the third one.

As much as I am opposed to the narrow-minded, Know-Nothing politics of candidates like Gov. Perry, I can sympathize as to why he keeps blundering with words.

He’s tired!

In fact, they’re ALL tired!  The candidates, the incumbents…It’s nothing new.  In the 1976 campaign, where Jimmy Carter was challenging Gerald Ford, there was a campaign stop where Carter’s running mate Walter Mondale came to the summation of a rallying speech by exhorting people to vote for “President Jimmy Ford.”

It being a rally, everybody burst into cheers even before Mondale had finished the sentence, and so when he said, “President Jimmy Ford”, it was nearly drowned out by the crowd.  But Mondale himself knew he had blundered.  He stood there with his face twisted as though he’d eaten a bad berry.

In the same campaign, during the Democratic National Convention, candidate Carter was exhorting the party to send Hubert Humphrey back to the Senate, and summed up a rousing speech by yelling the name “Hubert Horatio HORNBLOWER!”

In recent years, former President Clinton was shown on a news clip nodding off to sleep while sitting up on the chancel area of a black Southern church.  He would wake up, realize he had drifted off, and would nod as though trying to cover up a sleeping nod with an “agreeing” nod while the preacher was speaking.

Clinton was excoriated in the conservative media for play-acting.  The guy was simply wiped out!


When Clinton was President, he remarked once about how tired EVERYBODY in Washington is — the pace of life, the travelling, trying to stay 100 percent alert in their fish-bowl existence…

Speech is one of the first things to go when a person is exhausted.  Next time we catch news of a candidate making an obvious blunder a la Rick Perry, we can guess what’s behind it.



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