If Jesus were the coach…

If Jesus were the coach of a kids’ team, how many parents would be delighted?

He could change the score!

He could brow-beat the referee.

He could enable a parent to be in two places at the same time (watching the daughter’s game as well as the son’s game).

He could heal a sprained ankle, so that a kid could get right back out there and play.  And above all, He could lessen the time a teen needs to recover adequately from a concussion.

In short, the parents would be delighted if Jesus were the coach.  They themselves would have no difficult decisions!

They wouldn’t have to decide:  Maybe my kid isn’t cut out for the highest level of competitive sports.  Maybe just finding a level where participation is emphasized would be a better fit for my kid’s personality.  Encouraging the youngster that “it’s enough”–you don’t need to excel in sports.  Health and exercise and fellowship are enough of a reason to participate.  Find a league that is recreational rather than blood-thirsty.  There are other areas of life that need excellence–like leadership, good judgment, pursuit of knowledge, volunteering as a tutor, volunteering at the hospital…Excelling only in sports is not the standard for judging success for youths.

Above all–above all–the parents wouldn’t have to be disappointed at a sports event.  They wouldn’t have to feel disappointed–and find a way to DEAL with it!   They could be just like little kids who whine, and think that whining is the right response to disappointment.  Blame.  Blame the referee, blame the other team, blame the coach…

But the idea that, “We got beat–the other team played better” is not something they’d ever have to grapple with.

Nor teach their kids when they, too, are whining about everything.

“Come, Lord Jesus.”




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