“Why I loathe Oscar night”

I think I’ve finally got it figured out–why I hate Oscar night!

*It isn’t the parade of wealth at a time when so many of us have to hold off on bill-paying in order to buy food.

*It isn’t the idea of competition among artists (which was George C. Scott’s opposition.  He didn’t think artists should be pitted against one another.)

*It isn’t the whirlwind of political pitches being made by winners co-opting the occasion (the same as when somebody holds up “John 3:16” in the end zone during a field goal). Left or right, they find an audience irresistible–a chance to sneak in a pitch.  They would be much more honest simply to hold a press conference AFTER the ceremony.

It isn’t all of those things.  I figured it out last night when I was flipping channels and landed for just a moment on the Oscar channel.  I got one quick look at an actress.  What made me keep right on going with the remote was–her clothing!

I mean, the clothing at the Oscars is as gaudy as what we see the First Lady wearing at an Inaugural Ball.  It doesn’t matter which First Lady.  How in the world do they pick these dresses?  Hillary Clinton looked like a Disney character in “Cinderella” wearing an all-blue, puffy gown.  Nancy Reagan’s was the worst.  At her age, wearing a dress baring a bony shoulder?!

But the most awful collection of the overdressed is definitely the actresses on Oscar night.  Am I that out of touch with style that what I see these women wearing looks more like costumes than actual clothing?  It gets me to see actresses proclaiming political activism–solidarity with the working poor and immigrants–while wearing a dress that cost 4-5 figures!

I’m all in favor of people having jobs–which includes the designers of clothing.  But it seems to me they’re bending backwards to come up with something original, when the most shocking statement any actress would want to make would be just to wear as plain a dress as a smock and a belt.



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