Further blunders in grammar

Watching CNN, I was amused to see a “crawl” (the running script beneath the video of a news story) saying that Jeb Bush had given a speech outlining the “central tenants of his economic policy.”


Unless his policy has something to do with renters, the word isn’t “tenants”–it’s “tenets.”

Also on CNN, I heard Wolf Blitzer talk about a prisoner in Jordan who was “hung.”  The word is “hanged.”  Pictures are hung.  Stockings are hung by the chimney with care.  But PEOPLE are “hanged.”


The shying away from vaccinations is an attempt by people to think themselves smarter than everybody else.  They suspect that everybody else is being duped by the drug corporations and by the government.

This has become one of the favorite past times for Americans:  outflanking a conspiracy.

I once was standing outside of a church, waiting to go into the worship service on a warm summer’s morning, when a man I was talking to (I didn’t know him personally) told me that he thought “mad-cow disease” was a conspiracy on the part of beef producers to raise the price of beef.

I once heard a fundamentalist Christian assert that most of the personnel at the Centers for Disease Control were gay.  (Thus, she claimed, homosexuality was being portrayed as not harmful.)

Lately, there have been claims that the Patriots’ unlikely last-second save of a win in the Super Bowl was proof–the game was fixed.


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