Is the Super Bowl burger ad anti-feminist?

I’ve seen the Super Bowl commercial for Carl’s Burgers with the bikini model three times now.  It is said to be setting back feminism by 50 years.

Frankly, I don’t find anything wrong with it–except for one matter.

I regard myself as a feminist.  Feminists aren’t just female.  A feminist is anybody who wants equal opportunity for women but also recognizes that it needs to be equal opportunity PLUS progress.

We don’t need female CEOs if they’re pushing for fracking.  We’ve already got male CEOs doing that kind of thing.

We don’t need female politicians if they’re anti-environment, anti-science and anti-immigration.  We’ve already got plenty of male politicians doing that.

We don’t need THAT kind of equal opportunity–where women can be just as ignorant as some men are.  That’s not progress.

Feminism calls for equal opportunity PLUS progress.

So–as to the Super Bowl ad–PROGRESS is for a woman to dress as she wants.  If she wants to wear a bikini, that’s her decision.  BUT–why does the commercial have to show her being hounded?

She can dress as she wants.  But there are camera angles suggesting men are groping the model.  When she is viewed by one camera angle or another, she appears to be getting pinched in the butt and groped in the breasts.

THAT was unsettling to watch.

Why can’t a woman just walk down the street without being molested physically or verbally?

There was a documentary recently by a student from New York University who was wearing a body camera.  She was completely clothed–wearing yoga pants and a jersey–and documented the unwelcome remarks and even some stalking in full daylight while taking a walk in New York City.

The model in the Super Bowl commercial is getting the same treatment.

One POSITIVE about the commercial is the slogan:  “Eat like you mean it.”  The bikini model is chowing down on a double burger.  It’s refreshing to see a beautiful, shapely woman eating heartily.  We’ve all seen enough of models prancing down a runway with thighs no thicker than their arms.

AND we’re told that the burger has no additives, no preservatives, no hormones…THAT is what progressives have been pushing for in meat products and treatment of livestock.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian in order to be progressive.  You can go to progressive, health-conscious food stores and co-ops, and find meat products.  But the meat products are advertised as coming from livestock who are raised on an open range rather than in cruel, cramped conditions, and the animals are not pumped with chemicals.

A good point for Carl’s Burgers.  Just keep hands off the model.



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