Burning buildings in Ferguson

The burning of buildings in Ferguson reminds me of the bombing of a building at the University of Wisconsin during the Vietnam War.  It was 1970.  A part of the building contained a math research center funded by the U.S. Army, and thus became a focal point for anti-war protests.  The bombing was not part of any organized peace protest.  The act of terrorism was carried out by four young adults acting on their own (some of whom weren’t university students).  The bombing killed an innocent post-doctoral student (a father of three working late that night elsewhere in the building, wrapping up some work before going with his family the next day on vacation).  What else the bombing killed was–the peace protests in Madison!  Many people no longer wanted to be associated with the movement.  In other words, these four bombers were not willing to engage in the diligent, disciplined work of participating with others in organizing a peaceful protest.  They went off on their own–causing reckless destruction–and thus brought disgrace on the cause.  (Re-printed from Facebook post of December 1, 2014.)


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